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The footprint of the Alluflon Group throughout its 40-year legacy has merged and unified with the century-old rich heritage of two glorious brands that have outlined the history of cookware in Europe from its origin. The endowment of these brands ‘ patrimony is now integrated in the Alluflon Group‘s DNA and company culture.

1875 Moneta is established in Milan, Italy

1920 Moneta products reach the international markets

1921 Heinrich Berndes establishes BERNDES in Arnsberg

1950 The first Berndes products with a non-stick coating are manufactured

1960 Moneta introduces the first application of non-stick coating on enameled cookware

1970 Alluflon was founded on June 6th in Mondavio, Italy

1975 Alluflon conceives and set up the first roller coating plant

1976 Berndes introduces Cast aluminum BONANZA®, pan with non-stick coating

1986 The Moneta brand becomes part of the Alluflon Group. New production technologies drive its expansion.

1995 Introduction of the BERNDES ColorCAST® coloured cookware series

1996 Early adoption of the international quality and sustainability certification standards

2005 BERNDES VARIO CLICK – the hardwearing and secure removable-handle system

2008 Moneta pioneered and launched the original white ceramic coating on the market, culminating in the creation of a new category

2009 Patented induction technology for cast aluminum – Rated efficiency class

2010 The first pure ceramic coating facility in Germany is built by BERNDES

2011 Plant renovation in Mondavio with extended production capacity

2012 The Berndes brand and plants become part of Alluflon Group

2014 Introduction of the multifunctional cookware range BERNDES b.double

2015 Alluflon achieved full compliance to the ISO 14001 and SA8000 standards

Moneta introduces new Finegres® and Protection Base® coatings